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We have over 90 children and adults currently sponsored. These sponsorships can relate specifically to education purposes e.g. uniforms, books, equipment etc (for just £5 per month) or extend to include more general needs such as food, housing and clothing (£8 - £10 per month). Many children in the developing countries have to forego education at an early age as their families often cannot afford basic necessities, have minimal income and have no government help. With a sponsorship a child can be given a chance to enjoy what we in the west so often take for granted, an education and a time to enjoy their childhood.

We encourage direct contact, if the sponsor wishes, with the `adopted` child/adult and our project managers through regular correspondence.

We have details of children awaiting sponsorships for anyone who is interested in helping. When a sponsorship is entered in to we do not stipulate the length of time it should run for although where possible we hope it will last until the end of the childs main schooling at age 15 or 16. You are not tied in or committed to anything and are free to cease your sponsorship or transfer it to another child whenever you wish.

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