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The East Sheen-Chengannur trust is a small registered charity which was set up in 1979 and officially registered in 1984 (the founder, Mrs Kay Mattin, previously lived in East Sheen in South West London - hence the name).

The aim of the Trust is to help the poor in Chengannur, Southern India; and elsewhere through sponsorships, gifts, grants to individuals, schools, and small organisations in need.

Where we differ from many larger charities is in our approach to donors and recipients. We maintain a personal approach to every type of aid and encourage personal contact between donors, their beneficiaries, the trustees and our project managers in India and Africa.

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Chengannur has been devastated by the recent flooding. We've only just been able to make contact with our project manager who, with his family, are safe and well. As of today, 19th August, there is still rain and flooding and no power, transport or communication. Relief agencies and the army will be tackling the immediate disaster. Once communication is fully restored and we are able, we'll look at how we can help individuals in Chengannur.


We have an emergency fund and if you wish to donate towards this please go to our Donations page or post a cheque to us. We always acknowledge individual donations but on this occasion we won't be able to - but we hope you'll understand.

Thanks so much for your interest and support. Remember 100% of what you donate will go to Chengannur - no deductions for expenses are made by us!

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**** Stamp Appeal ****

Please send us your used (and spare new) stamps to:
Russell Mattin, East Linton, Keycol Hill, Newington, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 8NA.
Please ask your relatives, neighbours, friends, and colleagues to support us ... spread the word about our appeal - we want juggernaut loads of stamps!

Thank you for your support


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