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One of the primary aims of the trust is to help raise the standard of education of children (and adults) in India and Africa to enable them to have a better chance in life of securing employment and thereby be able to adequately support their families.

We currently work towards this aim in several ways:-


We have over 90 children and adults currently sponsored. These sponsorships can relate specifically to education purposes eg. Uniforms, books, equipment etc (for just £5 per month) or extend to include more general needs such as food, housing and clothing (£8 - £10 per month). Many children in the developing countries have to forego education at an early age as their families often cannot afford basic necessities, have minimal income and have no government help. With a sponsorship a child can be given a chance to enjoy what we in the west so often take for granted, an education and a time to enjoy their childhood.

We encourage direct contact, if the sponsor wishes, with the `adopted` child/adult and our project managers through regular correspondence.

We have details of children awaiting sponsorships for anyone who is interested in helping. When a sponsorship is entered in to we do not stipulate the length of time it should run for although where possible we hope it will last until the end of the child's main schooling at age 15 or 16. You are not tied in or committed to anything and are free to cease your sponsorship or transfer it to another child whenever you wish.


In May 2000 we established a Scholarship in memory of Chester Mattin who gave support to the Trust from its inception and who provided sufficient funds to start this project. During his life, his enthusiasm for and appreciation of education has meant that this is a lasting legacy of which he would be proud.

The idea of the Scholarship is to provide funds to enable bright and enthusiastic but poor children to attend a reputable English Medium school (usually boarding) which puts them in good standing for employment later.

We had sufficient funds to get this started but in order for it to be an ongoing project and benefit more children we are seeking additional sources of income, either one off or continuing donations of any amounts large or small.

The idea of the Scholarship is to provide funds to enable bright and enthusiastic but poor children to attend a reputable English Medium school (usually boarding) over several years from around the age of 11 which puts them in good standing for employment later.

This photo shows the first pupil to receive the Chester Mattin Scholarship, Manu, proudly receiving his Scholarship certificate from Mr Krishnankutty (the head teacher in our Chengannur school) in front of the other pupils in the class.
Manu is wearing the uniform that was bought out of the funds provided.

If you would like to help with this project in any way or to know more about the Trust and its many other activities we would be delighted to hear from you - please contact us.




Jacob, our Project Manager in Chengannur, sent this interesting message;  `When I was at Rekha's house about 10 Kms away from here, I heard a nice rhythmic sound coming from a hut nearby.  I asked Rekha's father what it was and he told it was just a bunch of boys making noise and drumming and they could go on till everyone goes to bed!  I was curious and so went to the shack to find about 5 boys sitting around drumming on whatever they could find like a discarded gas stove, broken doors and windows and empty pans.


They seem to be keen on music which was evident.  They go out to sing Christmas carols and wanted to improve to do some shows but never have the money to buy proper instruments.  I said I would like to help them and so asked for a recommendation  letter from their school master and yesterday they came with that. They wanted a triple drum, a side drum, symbols, mouth organ (probably because I showed them I could play at home here!) and quoted about £50 in all.  I thought they were a talented bunch and could make a small income for themselves as such bands are often called out to join processions for a payment.  I had a tough time taking a snap of them as it was a tiny shack and they were very cramped inside.`


As a result of this we bought them some proper instruments and you can see here a brief clip of them performing!


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