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The East Sheen-Chengannur Trust is a small registered charity which was set up in 1979 and officially registered in 1984. The aim of the Trust is to help the poor in Chengannur, South India, and elsewhere through sponsorships, gifts, grants, etc. to individuals, schools and small organisations in need.


In 1952 Mr T J John founded the Indo-American Club in Chengannur to foster links with the West, and assist less fortunate people in and around the Chengannur area. Links were established with Action Aid, Helpage UK; and the East Sheen Chengannur Trust was itself established by Kay Mattin to support the work of Mr John and the Club. Sadly Mr John passed away in 1989, but the vision that he had and the work he started are being very successfully continued by his son T.J.Jacob Punnen.  In 2008 Kay also passed away, but, as with Mr John, her work is carried on by her son Russell.


It was Kay`s energy, drive and commitment to helping others less fortunate than herself that led to the considerable growth of the Trust from its beginnings to the present day. She established a network of supporters, initially in East Sheen where she lived, but subsequently across the world. Under her guidance a regular newsletter was established to keep our supporters updated with ever increasing activities. This was later expanded upon by the establishment of our own web site.

At present there are over 90 children and a few adults sponsored in the Chengannur area.  The main purpose of the sponsorships is to provide food, an education, and to ensure the children have uniforms, books, etc., which are required, when they attend school.

In Chengannur the Trust founded a part-time school in 1988 to give extra help and encouragement to children between the ages of approximately 5 and 16.  Two further schools have since been established in Bamenda in the Cameroons and Oron in Nigeria.  Besides formal lessons, outings and educational trips are arranged.  Many of the children have never before travelled outside of their villages. Essay and art competitions are organised and toys, equipment and much needed books are provided.

A very successful project is the provision of well built, attractive houses in the Chengannur region at a cost of approximate £1,000 each.   So far over 40 houses have been completed and handed over to absolutely delighted families who never before knew such comfort and security.

We have many visitors who have been involved in excellent work in both India and Africa.  They have not been specially trained but give whatever talents they have to offer.  They have made lasting friendships and have found that they themselves have been greatly enriched by their experiences.  Some make return visits.

The activities of the Trust are not limited to the above projects but are very widespread and include providing wells and toilets, food for the hungry, beds for people sleeping on the ground, money for funerals, weddings, etc. Help is also given to people to enable them to become self-employed, for example by supplying sewing machines or land for farming etc.

Money for these activities, besides the generous donations of our supporters is raised through the sale of stamps, coins, Indian and African paintings and crafts, bric-a-brac unwanted gifts, plants, etc. through various channels such as fayres, boots sales, etc.

The Trust aims to work on a personal level and is keen to introduce and help individuals and organisations become involved on a one-to-one basis, if they so wish, according to what they have to offer. 

If you would like to know more about or to take part in these exciting and rewarding activities please contact us.

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